Five Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

Of course, treadsocial’s top two reasons any business should be blogging is 1. Thought Leadership and 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but in a recent article on Social Media Examiner, Marcus Sheridan identifies five reasons outside of SEO your company should be joining the blogosphere.

  1. The Power of the Team: SME points to HubSpot as an example. The rapidly growing social media platform allows all its 300+ employees to add content to the company blog, creating a dynamic team feel to the site with posts from various views, divisions, voices (not to mention the ability pump out several posts a day).
  2. Blogging Sharpens Your Sword: Forcing yourself or your company to post at least three entries a week – at the very least – keeps your team up on the latest trends in an ever-changing online marketing environment. It also serves as a great place to hone your communication skills; to really work on explaining what you do and how you do it in terms a general audience can and will understand.
  3. You Become a Trust Agent: Offering up knowledgeable, useful advice will lead to trust from your readers, which will in turn lead to their being more apt to send a sale your way down the road.
  4. Content is the Great Qualifier: Serious shoppers are looking for education. “Remember, the more pages a visitor reads on your website, the closer they are to making a buying decision with your company, so integrate your blog’s content into every aspect of your sales approach.”
  5. The Power of the Blog Comment: Company blogs (and all social media efforts in our opinion) should allow reader comments. This is one of the greatest things about online marketing: opening up that dialogue with your customers. Listening to both compliments and complaints and being able to address both immediately. Most companies are terrified of the complaints, but this is one of the biggest advantages to being out there online. You can nip those complaints in the bud, and change how people are discussing your company. Word-of-mouth marketing still remains the most valuable – this includes the Internet! Commenting also allows you to build your online community, which, when it happens is truly incredible for building your brand online.
So, talk to us: Have you started a company blog? If not, what are you waiting for? Click here to read the full article.

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